Company Information

“Shinayaka Material”* is a key phrase here at Yoneshima Felt, a common thread that weaves through our many products.
Since starting out in 1952 as a wholesaler of pressed wool felt, our mission has grown to be to provide our customers with the broad variety of materials and processed products they need.
To that end, we have always sought to apply our wealth of experience with felt to develop other shinayaka products to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of customers and consumers.
These include non-woven fabrics, foamed materials, chemical products, and films.
Today, our processing technologies have earned us top market shares in components for smartphones and other familiar items that people all around the world use on a daily basis.

Shinayaka is a vital quality in manufactured products; all those solid parts cannot function without interfaces such as shock absorbers, seals, sound proofing materials, and materials for impregnation, and it is vital that these be made to precisely the right degree of solidity—not too hard, not too soft.

At Yoneshima Felt, our goal is to be the link that enables product and parts manufacturers, material manufacturers, and processing manufacturers to work together and achieve the level of cooperation required to make items that meet such delicate requirements.

*Shinayaka is a Japanese word with several meanings that expresses supple strength and high quality.

Corporate Philosophy

We make a genuine contribution to society by providing creative industrial materials.
We help maximize the value of products to customers and end users.
We constantly strive to improve, to learn, to collect information, and to broaden our knowledge, so that we may always stay abreast of changes in the business environment.
We resolve any problems swiftly and fairly.
We value independence and self-respect, and we share the joy and pride of working alongside each other.

Message from the President

From humble beginnings 60 years ago as a wholesaler of pressed wool felt for industrial applications, we have grown into an all-round provider of materials and component processing designed to meet a broad range of needs. The key phrase here is “functional flexible materials.”

We supply and process materials under order from clients in many industries around the world; although we are only modest in size, we have developed a reputation for supplying customers in niche sectors. Our extensive industry network and huge wealth of information, built over long years of experience, coupled with our small-business dynamism and flexibility, have enabled us to meet clients’ needs with products that boast the top share in certain markets around the world.

In particular, our production and sales bases in China allow us to take advantage of that country’s growing influence in the manufacturing industry. The convergence of the world’s major manufacturers in China means we have access to information about global market trends and demand for materials, which puts us in an advantageous position for developing and offering fresh solutions.

Amid increasingly rapid change in Japan’s manufacturing industry, including a shift towards overseas production and the resulting concentration of remaining operations in Japan meaning fewer local choices, we at Yoneshima Felt are devoted to giving each and every employee the opportunity to pursue personal growth.

We look forward to your continuing custom and support.

Tomoya Yoneshima, President

Company Profile

Address 7-10 Amijima-cho Miyakojima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka, 534-0026 Japan
TEL/FAX TEL (06) 6358-1301 FAX (06) 6358-1302
Capital 10 million yen
Directors Tomoya Yoneshima, president;
Junichi Oka, executive director;
Masahiro Minamino, director
Business year April 1 to March 31
Banks Mizuho Bank, Osaka Branch;
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Kawaramachi Branch;
Resona Bank, Kitahama Branch;
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Tenmabashi Branch.
Business fields Sale and processing of felt, non-woven fabric, chemical products, components for writing implements, industrial materials, and materials for the production thereof.
Memberships Japan Felt Club, Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Customers Felt retailers and trading companies; manufacturers of writing implements, steel, home appliances, and air fresheners; and international export
Related companies Qingdao Sansho Precision Co., Ltd.
(Qingdao, Shandong, China)


June 1946 Founded as Yoneshima Shouten
July 1954 Incorporated as Yoneshima Felt Co., Ltd.
July 1984 Head office relocated
October 2000 Qingdao Sansho Precision Co., Ltd. established in Qingdao, Shandong, China